The Long Winter


1. Laura and Carrie bought these for Pa's Christmas at the Loftus Store.
3. Laura and Carrie got lost in this on the way back from town. (2 words)
5. The Ingalls celebrated their second Christmas of the season in this month.
6. The little bird Pa found in the snow looked like a small version of this kind of bird. (2 words)


2. Pa's trouble song was about a big ________.
3. Ma made this to give some light after the kerosene ran out (2 words)
4. When the town ran out of coal, they had to burn sticks of this.
5. These animals built very thick-walled houses, so Pa knew it would be a hard winter.
7. Almanzo's horse Lady ran off with a herd of this animal.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

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