Spring Valley, Minnesota


After suffering many hardships in their early years of marriage, Laura and Almanzo Wilder left De Smet in 1890 with their young daughter Rose and moved to Spring Valley, Minnesota, to live with Almanzo's family. The Wilders had moved here in 1873 from Malone, New York.

Almanzo and Laura stayed in Spring Valley for about a year before moving on to Westville, Florida.

Spring Valley Methodist Church


Although the Wilder home was torn down years ago, one of the family's barns is still standing. The owners of the property, however, ask that visitors view the barn from the street. The Spring Valley Methodist Church, which the Wilder family attended, as did Laura and Almanzo during their stay here, is now a museum owned by the Spring Valley Historical Society, dedicated to the preservation of both Wilder and Spring Valley history.

Spring Valley Historical Society
220-221 West Courtland
Spring Valley, Minnesota 55975

507-346-7659 or 507-346-7476

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